Recent Publications

Vanasco, V., U. Malmendier and D. Pouzo,

"Investor Experiences and Financial Market Dynamics"

Journal of Financial Economics, 2020, 136(3), 597-622

Online appendix

R. Billi and J. Galí,

"Gains from Wage Flexibility and the Zero Lower Bound"

Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 2020, 82(6), 1239-1261

Online appendix

Asriyan, V.,

"Balance Sheet Channel with Information-Trading Frictions in Secondary Markets"

Forthcoming in The Review of Economic Studies, 2020

Online appendix

Debortoli, D.,

"Comments on The Fiscal-Monetary Policy Mix in the Euro Area: Challenges at the Zero Lower Bound"

Forthcoming in Economic Policy, 2020

Online appendix

Asriyan, V., W. Fuchs and B. Green,

"Aggregation and Design of Information in Asset Markets with Adverse Selection"

Forthcoming in Journal of Economic Theory, 2020

Online appendix

A. P. Behrer, E. L. Glaeser, G. Ponzetto and A. Shleifer,

"Securing Property Rights"

Forthcoming in Journal of Political Economy, 2020

Online appendix

Monràs, J.,

"Immigration and Wage Dynamics: Evidence from the Mexican Peso Crisis"

Journal of Political Economy, 2020, 128 (8), 3017-3089

Online appendix

Debortoli, D., R. Nunes and P. Yared,

"Optimal Fiscal Policy without Commitment: Revisiting Lucas-Stokey"

Forthcoming in Journal of Political Economy, 2020

Online appendix

Martin, A., E. Moral-Benito and T. Schmitz,

"The Financial Transmission of Housing Booms: Evidence from Spain"

Forthcoming in American Economic Review, 2020

Online appendix

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