HR Excellence

Human Resources Excellence in Research

In 2014 Centre de Recerca en Economia Internacional (CREI) endorsed the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (also known as “The Charter and Code”). Following this commitment, CREI started the process to participate in the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) initiative to make CREI a more attractive workplace for researchers at all levels.

On November 26, 2015 CREI received the HRS4R award from the European Commission.

HRS4R supports research institutions and funding organizations in the implementation of the Charter and Code in their policies and practices. Its implementation will render these institutions more attractive to researchers looking for a new destination.

HRS4R culminates in the recognition of human resources excellence in research by the European Commission for institutions that have made progress in adapting their human resources policies to the principles set out in the Charter and Code. Acknowledged institutions have the right to use the logo on their websites and other communication channels.

Enrolment in the HRS4R is voluntary and non-binding.

HRS4R implies a long-term commitment throughout many years, including joint efforts and coordination with various internal and external stakeholders. It is nevertheless a rewarding process as it ensures an institution’s transition from progress to quality, in terms of the implementation of the 40 principles of the Charter and Code.

The first HRS4R Action Plan (for the period 2015 – 2019) was produced after carrying out an internal gap analysis, with the active involvement of all CREI researchers. This first action plan identified a number of key areas for change and further development.

In 2018 CREI submitted the interim assessment, receiving the following feedback from the external assessors: “The organization is, for the most part, progressing with appropriate and quality actions as described in its Action Plan, but could benefit from alterations as advised through the Assessment process. There is some evidence that the HRS4R is further embedded.”

We collected most of the external assessors’ comments and produced a second HRS4R Action Plan (2018 – 2021).
Currently we are working on the renewal of the HRS4R award with the assessment and design of the new project plan for 2022 – 2024. For this purpose, among other actions, we have reviewed the second HRS4R Action Plan achievements and prepared a third HRS4R Action Plan (2022 – 2024), approved by the CREI’s Governing Board on June 30, 2022 .