Recent Publications

Debortoli, D., R. Nunes and P. Yared,

"Optimal Fiscal Policy without Commitment: Revisiting Lucas-Stokey"

Journal of Political Economy, 2021, 129(5), 1640-1665
Debortoli, D.,

"Comment on “Redesigning EU Fiscal Rules: From Rules to Standards” by O. Blanchard, A. Leandro and J. Zettelmeyer"

Forthcoming in Economic Policy, 2021
Martin, A., F. Broner, D. Clancy and A. Erce,

"Fiscal Multipliers and Foreign Holdings of Public Debt"

Forthcoming in The Review of Economic Studies, 2021
Galí, J., P. Andrade, H. Le Bihan and J. Matheron,

"Should the ECB Adjust its Strategy in the Face of a Lower r*?"

Forthcoming in Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2021
Nagy, D.,

"Quantitative Economic Geography meets History: Questions, Answers and Challenges"

Forthcoming in Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2021
di Giovanni, J., S. Kalemi-Özcan, M. Ulu and Y.S. Baskaya,

"International Spillovers and Local Credit Cycles"

Forthcoming in The Review of Economic Studies, 2021
Schaal, E., P. Fajgelbaum, A. Khandelwal, W. Kim and C. Mantovani,

"Optimal Lockdown in a Commuting Network"

Forthcoming in American Economic Review: Insights, 2021
Asriyan, V., L. Laeven and A. Martin,

"Collateral Booms and Information Depletion"

Forthcoming in The Review of Economic Studies, 2021
Baley, I. and A. Blanco,

"Aggregate Dynamics in Lumpy Economies"

Forthcoming in Econometrica, 2021
García-Santana, M., J. Pijoan-Mas and L. Villacorta,

"Investment Demand and Structural Change"

Forthcoming in Econometrica, 2021

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