Recent Publications

Jeenas, P. and R. Lagos,

"Q-Monetary Transmission"

Forthcoming in Journal of Political Economy, 2024
Galí, J., R. Billi and A. Nakov,

"Optimal Monetary Policy with r*< 0"

Forthcoming in Journal of Monetary Economics, 2023
Broner, F., T. Didier, S. Schmukler and G. von Peter,

"Bilateral International Investments: The Big Sur?"

Journal of International Economics, 2023, 145, article 103795
Schaal, E. and Mathieu Taschereau-Dumouchel,

"Herding through booms and busts*"

Journal of Economic Theory, 2023, 210, 105669
Galí, J. and D. Debortoli,

"Idiosyncratic Income Risk and Aggregate Fluctuations"

Forthcoming in American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 2023
Fornaro, L. and M. Wolf,

"The Scars of Supply Shocks"

Journal of Monetary Economics, 2023, 140, 18-36
Asriyan, V. and V. Vanasco,

"Security Design in Non-Exclusive Markets with Asymmetric Information"

The Review of Economic Studies, 2023, 00, 1-30
M. Santamaría, J. Ventura and U. Yeşilbayraktar,

"Exploring European Regional Trade"

Forthcoming in Journal of International Economics, 2023
Nagy, D.,

"Hinterlands, city formation and growth: Evidence from the U.S. westward expansion"

The Review of Economic Studies, 2023, 90(6), 3238-3281
Asriyan, V., D. Foarta and V. Vanasco,

"The Good, the Bad and the Complex: Product Design with Imperfect Information"

Forthcoming in American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2023

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