Conference on Institutions and International Capital Flows

July 4-5, 2011

Organized by Nicola Gennaioli (CREI, UPF & CEPR) and Alberto Martin (CREI, UPF & CEPR).

The two-day workshop was organized by CREI with support from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics & the European Research Council. Nicola Gennaioli (CREI and UPF) and Alberto Martin (CREI and UPF) were the members of the scientific committee.

Nine contributions put forward the current state of research on the relationship between institutions and capital flows such as the role of financial regulation in synchronizing economic activity; the direction of capital flows during crises; the empirical identification of different models of capital flows; the design of optimal fiscal policy in small open economies; the relationship between capital flows and financial frictions; the role of banks in shaping capital flows; the relationship between decentralized borrowing and sovereign defaults and the role of credit in shaping trade.

The event brought together 26 academics and researchers from European and U.S. institutions. UPF faculty and Master & PhD students also attended


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