R&D and Innovation in the Development Process. A New Look at Theory, Evidence and Policies

June 9-11, 2005

A recurring theme in economic theory and policy is that strengthening the ability of countries to exploit and generate knowledge enhances growth and welfare, and is central to the development process. However, the effort spans many related issues: innovation & adoption; science, university, industrial, competition, trade & fiscal policies; intellectual property rights; market and labour reforms, etc. We still have a limited understanding on how each influences R&D and Innovation capacities and, in turn growth and welfare, at different stages of development. Yet, policy makers in both advanced and developing countries—want answers on how to design and implement effective policies. The purpose of this conference is to take stock: to bring together some of the current leading research (theoretical, empirical and policy oriented) on R&D and Innovation as a factor of growth. While it is an academic conference, it will have a strong policy focus and seeks to bring together researchers and policy makers.


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