Unemployment in Transition Economies: Developments, Challenges and Lessons from the EU and the US

October 26-28, 2001

The conference was co-sponsored by the European Commission Phare-Ace Programme. The organizers were Maia Güell (UPF), José E. Galdón (U. Pública de Navarra) and Gilles Saint-Paul (U. of Tolouse). Financial support was obtained from the Spanish Ministerio de Educación y Cultura and from the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The goal of the conference was to organize a forum of international debate to discuss the recent developments on the field of labor economics both theoretically and empirically with special focus on the evolution of unemployment as well as long-term unemployment in transition economies. The participants of the conference were experts in this field from several transition economies as well as from different EU countries and the US. This international participation was crucial for the exchange of experiences from the different countries.

Some of the topics that were discussed include job mobility, compensation systems such as disability recipiency or unemployment insurance, and the effect of employment protection legislation on labor market performance among others.



Working papers available