European Workshop on General Equilibrium Theory

May 22-23, 1998

The conference was organized by CREI jointly with the Caixa de Manresa. The program was prepared by a scientific committee, chaired by professor Luis Corchon, (UPF, Barcelona and U. Carlos III, Madrid), and formed by professors Claude d'Aspremont, CORE (U. Catholique de Louvain), Michele Boldrin, (U. Carlos III, Madrid), Xavier Calsamiglia, (UPF, Barcelona), Egbert Dierker, (U. of Vienne), Birgit Grodal, (U. of Copenhaguen), Michel Lebreton, (GREQAM, Marseille), Andreu Mas-Colell, (UPF, Barcelona) and Walter Trockel, (U. of Bielefeld).

The conference presentations were focused on the recent advances of the General Equilibrium Theory. Issues discussed were the role of alternative ways to coordinate economic decisions, the effects of the market structure and the consequences of asymmetric information. Elements of bounded rationality and fairness considerations were introduced as constraints on the behavior of agents.