BSE Summer Forum: Workshop on ‘Safety, Liquidity, and the Macroeconomy’’

June 10-11, 2024

Organized by Dmitry Kuvshinov (UPF and BSE) and Victoria Vanasco (CREI, UPF and BSE).

This workshop will focus on the role that safe and liquid assets play in the functioning of financial markets, and on how financial safety and liquidity interact with macroeconomic outcomes. We encourage both empirical and theoretical contributions on the following topics as well as related issues:

  • Determinants of safety and liquidity of assets in financial markets.
  • The links between liquidity, safe assets, and the macroeconomy.
  • The role of safe assets and liquidity in financial market distress.
  • Pricing of safe assets and liquidity in financial markets.
  • Financial flows across countries and macro-financial outcomes.
  • The links between information in financial markets, asset prices, and the macroeconomy.


List of participants

Call for papers