Barcelona School of Economics Summer Forum: Workshop on ‘The Economic Analysis of Electoral Politics’

June 13, 2016

Conference Venue:
Balmes Building (UPF)
Balmes, 132
Barcelona 08008

Organized by: Ruben Enikolopov (ICREA-IPEG, UPF and Barcelona GSE), Gianmarco León (UPF and Barcelona GSE), Maria Petrova (ICREA-IPEG, UPF and Barcelona GSE) and Giacomo Ponzetto (CREI, UPF and Barcelona GSE).

Exciting new research is being produced in both economics and political science trying to understand how political agents respond to different institutional constraints, to monetary and political incentives, or to new information. The goal of this workshop is to bring together scholars interested in understanding voter and candidate behavior under different institutional settings, both theoretically and empirically. Some examples of questions that we will address during the workshop are: What kinds of information generate changes in voter behavior, and to what effect? How do transparency and accountability affect politicians’ incentives? What is the impact of different electoral systems on policy choices?

Matthew Gentzkow (Stanford) will be the invited speaker at the workshop this year.

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