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Els Opuscles del CREI are the instruments for the diffusion of CREI's research beyond the academic world. Each Opuscle, aimed at a general public, gathers together conclusions and observations of specialized papers published, or about to be published, in professional journals. The opinions stated in Els Opuscles del CREI are the sole responsibility of the authors.

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41 Why do people buy private health insurance in the presence of a public option? Pau Olivella July 2016
40 The social effects of divorce laws Libertad Gonzalez June 2015
39 Globalization and aggregate fluctuations: The role of international trade and large firms Julian di Giovanni February 2015
38 Local labor markets Jan Eeckhout December 2014
37 Density forecasts in economics and policymaking Barbara Rossi September 2014
36 The labour market impact of immigration Albrecht Glitz June 2014
35 Credit cycles and systemic risk José-Luis Peydró December 2013
34 Globalization, Technology and Inequality Gino Gancia April 2013
33 How important are capital markets imperfections in determining firm decisions and aggregate fluctuations? Andrea Caggese November 2012
32 Fiscal Policy in the European Monetary Union Evi Pappa September 2012
31 The Effectiveness of Foreign Aid: from the Macroeconomic Perspective to the Experimental Evaluation García-Montalvo, José , Reynal-Queral, Marta July 2012
30 Corporate Social Responsability and Social Welfare. How to promote Socially Responsible Business Strategies Juan-José Ganuza March 2012
29 School choice in Spain: theory and evidence Caterina Calsamiglia September 2011
28 Happiness Economics Ada Ferrer-i-Carbonell May 2011
27 Inequality and Tax Progressivity Juan Carlos Conesa October 2010
26 Firing Costs, Dismissal Conflicts and Labour Market Outcomes Maia Güell June 2010
25 Transfer of University Innovations Inés Macho-Stadler January 2010
24 Simple Mechanisms to Resolve Conflicting Interests and to Share the Gains David Pérez-Castrillo November 2009
23 Complementarities in Innovation Strategy and the Link to Science Bruno Cassiman September 2009
22 The Misallocation of Talent José V. Rodríguez Mora May 2009
21 Overcoming Coordination Failure in Firms and Organizations: Experimental Evidence Jordi Brandts March 2009
20 Western European Long Term Growth, 1830-2000: Facts and Issues Albert Carreras, Xavier Tafunell June 2008
19 Urban Sprawl: Causes and Consequences Diego Puga January 2008
18 The Effects of Employment Protection in Europe and the USA Adriana D. Kugler February 2007
17 Social Networks and Labour Market Outcomes Antoni Calvó-Armengol January 2006
16 Ready to Take Risks? Experimental Evidence on Risk Aversion and Attraction Antoni Bosch-Domènech, Joaquim Silvestre i Benach November 2005
15 Taxation of Financial Intermediaries Ramon Caminal September 2004
14 Capital Controls in Post-War Europe Hans-Joachim Voth April 2004
13 Educating Intuition: A Challenge for the 21st Century Robin Hogarth September 2003
12 Macroeconomic and Distributional Effects of Social Security Luisa Fuster June 2003
11 How do Households Invest their Wealth? Miquel Faig October 2002
10 Economic Polarization in the Mediterranean Basin Joan Esteban May 2002
9 Agglomeration Effects in Europe and the USA Antonio Ciccone September 2001
8 Are EU Policies Fostering Growth and Reducing Regional Inequalities? Fabio Canova May 2001
7 The Political Viability of Labour Market Reform Gilles Saint-Paul December 2000
6 Gerontocracy and Social Security Xavier Sala-i-Martin July 2000
5 Why Does the Public Sector Grow? The Role of Economic Development, Trade and Democracy Carles Boix November 1999
4 The Lender of Last Resort in Today's Financial Environment Xavier Freixas November 1999
3 Capital and Labor Taxes, Macroeconomic Activity, and Redistribution Albert Marcet November 1998
2 Reducing Unemployment. At any Cost? Fabrizio Zilibotti December 1997
1 Reconsidering Spanish Unemployment Ramon Marimon June 1997
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