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Activities - Barcelona Macroeconomics Summer School (BMSS)


The eighteenth edition of the Barcelona CREI Macroeconomics Summer School will take place at the campus of Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) from June 27 to July 8, 2016.


We are excited to announce that, this year, the summer school will be co-organized by the Centre de Recerca en Economia Internacional (CREI), a research institute sponsored by the Government of Catalunya and UPF, and by the Barcelona Graduate School in Economics (Barcelona GSE), an independent institution dedicated to research and graduate teaching in economics. This partnership will provide students of the CREI Macroeconomics Summer School with a host of additional benefits, such as participation in dinners and networking events organized by the Barcelona GSE and access to special discounts if they choose to take courses in any of the other summer schools organized by the Barcelona GSE.


The Barcelona CREI Macroeconomics Summer School 2016 will offer a variety of short courses that cover recent developments in different areas of macro and international economics. The courses are taught by researchers with a recognized expertise in their field, most of who are affiliated with CREI and/or UPF. The content of the courses is aimed at graduate students as well as more senior researchers willing to brush up their knowledge.


For detailed information about the Barcelona CREI Macroeconomics Summer School 2016, including course descriptions and fees, please click here.   


We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona this summer!







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