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Financial Globalization: Shifting Balances

BDE-World Bank-CREI Conference on Financial Globalization: Shifting Balances

The two-day workshop was financed by the Banco de España and The World Bank and had the academic support of CREI. The organizing committee members were Enrique Alberola, Aitor Erce and Juan Ruiz (Banco de España), Fernando Broner (CREI), and Augusto de la Torre and Tatiana Didier (World Bank).

The workshop brought together academics and policy makers to discuss the links between the recent crisis and financial globalization. It focused on two main themes: (i) the two-way relationship between global imbalances and the crisis; and (ii) the impact of the crisis on the process of financial globalization. Special consideration was given to the role of policy, as well as the implications for emerging markets. The program included ten academic papers, a policy pannel, and a keynote speach.



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