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The Growth and Welfare Effects of Macroeconomic Volatility
March 17-18, 2006

Papers and discussions

Globalization and Risk-Sharing
by F. Broner and J. Ventura

Discussion by A. Levchenko

The Structural Determinants of External Vulnerability
by N. Loayza and C. Raddatz

Discussion by P. Mauro

Schumpeterian Restructuring (not downloadable upon request of the author)
by P. Francois

Discussion by T. Tressel

A Theory of Growth and Volatility at the Aggregate and Firm Level
by D. Comin and S. Mulani

Discussion by C. Raddatz

Banks, Liquidity Crises and Economic Growth
by A. Gaytán and Romain Rancière

Discussion by F. Braggion

Iliquidity, Financial Development and the Growth-Volatility Relationship
by E. Kharroubi

Discussion by A. Galindo

Characterizing the Business Cycles of Emerging Economies
by C. Calderón and R. Fuentes

Discussion by G. Clementi

Aid Volatility and Dutch Disease: Is There a Role for Macroeconomic Policies?
by A. Prati and T. Tressel

Discussion by K. Olayiwola


Philippe Aghion
Carlo Cottarelli

Luis Servén
Boris Vujcic
Alejandro Werner

Inefficient Credit Booms
by G. Lorenzoni

Discussion by A. Martin

Creditor Protection and Credit Volatility
by A. Galindo and A. Micco

Discussion by B. Pinto

Policy Volatility, Institutions and Economic Growth
by A. Fatas and I. Mihov

Discussion by V. Tuesta

Exchange Rate Volatility and Productivity Growth: The Role of Financial Development
by P. Aghion, P. Bacchetta, R. Rancière and K. Rogoff

Discussion by V. Cerra

Trade Openness, Output Volatility and the Risk Content of Exports
by J. di Giovanni and A. Levchenko

Discussion by J. de Melo

Technological Diversification
by M. Koren and S. Tenreyro

Discussion by J. Imbs

The Time-Series Properties of Aggregate Consumption: Implications for the Costs of Fluctuations
by R. Reis

Discussion by A. Marcet

Predictable Life-Cycle Shocks, Income Risks and Consumption Inequality
by G. Primiceri and T. van Rens

Discussion by M. Koren